Mortirolo / 30 April 2015

GFGI Mortirolo & The Color Run 2015


Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia runs with The Color Run!
Al the winners of categories, medium distance, will receive a registration to join the fun run of all times.

THE COLOR RUN is literally a ‘fun run’ and a worldwide running event in a colorful and cheerful manner. It’s not about reaching the maximum running performance or the best time – here it’s about maximum fun! Together with all the other COLOR RUNNERS you are going to have a day that you will never forget. You will run the most colorful, happiest and craziest 5 kilometers on earth! Running – just in a quite different way!

Or to keep it short in 3 points:

#1: Start shining white at the start line

#2: Arrive colorful and happy at the finish line

#3: Dance and celebrate in front of the finish-festival stage

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