Giro d’Italia

Storia del Giro d’Italia

Why Giro d’Italia?

An indissoluble bond links Giro d’Italia to RCS Sport. In fact, in 1909 La Gazzetta dello Sport organized the first Giro d’Italia, and kept on being in title for the event organaization over years. Once RCS Sport was found, it took the lead of the event linking its history to the Giro d’Italia one.

What is Giro d’Italia?

Giro d’italia, also known as Giro, is the most emblematic Italian sport event, as it embodies the principal values of the Italian spirit.

Giro d’Italia is:

The madness of a descent that plunges towards the center of the earth.
The torture of a climb that soars into the sky.
The loneliness of the road and the celebration at the finish line.
The embrace of the people that push you with hands and hearts.
The war against time, which is both with you and against you.
Never ending effort, even when it’s over and then the rain the tears and joy.
This is what the Giro is.
The toughest race in world’s most beautiful place.

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