Gran Fondo

The organization

The organization of Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia is managed by RCS Sport. RCS Sport is also the organizer of Giro d’Italia.
RCS Sport is aware that, investing in sport today means speak to millions of people, fans, and athletes.
This calls for an effective and emotional language able to catalyse all media, reach different targets, and build strong networks. Sport is a powerful medium. RCS Sport translates the energy of sport into business.

About RCS Sport

RCS Sport is the only consulting firm born and conceived in the heart of sport. This allows RCS Sport to provide its partners with a solid know-how, a complete and customized range of services, and a top level sports brands portfolio.
Sport. A business for every company. A challenge for professionals.

The History of RCS Sport

It all began with La Gazzetta dello Sport, the sports pink newspaper that promoted itself to readers also as a sport events organizer since its earliest years. La Gazzetta dello Sport, a world made up of legendary characters and events with a mythic flavour, significantly contributed to create passion for sport in Italy.
RCS Sport has its root here. The official establishment of RCS Sport dates back to the 22nd of March 1989, when RCS Organizzazioni Sportive was founded as a company totally independent from La Gazzetta dello Sport. Since then, RCS Sport has written some of the most beautiful pages in Italian sport.